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Artem Ohandjanian

Prof. Dr. Phil. Artem Ohandjanian


Doctor of History from Vienna University, Master of Art from Vienna Music and Art University, Honorary Doctor of Sciences from National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.
Has directed, written and produced about 70 documentaries, feature films and radio programs for the Austrian National Television and Radio.
Has published many non-fiction books about the Armenian Genocide and Ethnology.
From 1967-69 has taught "Screen Writing and Film Production" at Vienna Night-Academy.
1992-93 has represented the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Armenian in Austria.
Has published "Austria-Armenia 1872-1936, facsimile collection of diplomatic files" in 12 volumes based on extensive research in Austrian archives. Volumes comprise of 9000 pages and include 30 political-military maps.
Chairman of Austrian Society for Promotion of Armenian History and Culture, Vienna.
Deputy Director of the Austrian "Franz Werfel Committee".
1988-98 has written articles and commentaries in Austrian newspapers and magazines.
In 1996 directed "The Demons" by Hans Krendlesberger, at the Armenian Theater of Tbilisi, Georgia.
Has given lectures in different countries.
Has won four International TV Awards.

Eulogy for Professor Title awarded by the Austrian President in 2004:

"Through the dedicated film, lectures and numerous publications, Mag. Dr. Dr. h.c. Artem Ohandjanian has advertised and much invaluable recognition contributed for Austria, the Austrian identity and the Austrian culture abroad.

In 2005 was awarded with the medal "For Contribution to the Field of Genocide Studies" by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia.  
Citizen of Austria.